To know the story of our brewery is to know the history of our neighbourhood. Long before we poured our first beer, BANNERMAN BREWING CO. was the location of the city’s historic East Fire Station. Originally constructed after the Great Fire of 1892, it was rebuilt in the 1950s and still stands today at the corner of Duckworth and Ordnance Street.

But the building is only half of the story. During the Great Fire, some 11,000 people lost their homes. Displaced, but not defeated, residents banded together with nothing more than a few belongings to set up a tent city in Bannerman Park. They weathered the aftermath of the fire and re-built the city. It's this story of collectivism and community that BANNERMAN BREWING CO. proudly celebrates.

Our taproom features communal tables and table service. Come in and find an empty seat, the person next to you could be your new best friend. For takeaway beer you can head right to the back of the room next to the T shirts and someone will take care of you.

We’re brand new so our hours are a little fluid at the moment. We’ll keep our hours updated on this site and our socials. Currently we don’t take reservations, but if you come down closer to opening there’s a better chance we can get you seated.



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